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Functional Gymnastics is a training

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It is almost inevitable : it come the first warm and laggards in the course of the year, physical activity, to remember to move them before the calendar says it's time to put on a bathing suit .For these sedentary people who do not like the traditional training method that is raging in Europe and the U.S. to be an alternative.Functional Gymnastics is a training, training the body as bar brothers website to completely get the best results in less time with exercises and functional movements . Thus, more and more people change the way they get physically and mentally.Stephen Dietz fitness trainer and coordinator of functional exercises in Argentina and defined Infobae that the technique " a new way to exercise and movement " and explained that the concept of "functional " is the most recent research with 3D technology on the operation of the human body ."What we so far know training comes from studies on cadavers , while the functional gym results from studies of the living body and movement, something very new and enlightening ," Dietz, who said that the training is not a routine said, but " is on the change of exercises adapt based every day for the body and achieve faster out better results. "In this regard, he explained his differences with the previously known techniques :
Training without pressure loads ( no machines and no weights ) .Train large muscle groups, so there are more calorie consumption.He trains in three planes of motion , as most of the other suggested use of only one or two levels.- Coordination and stability are an important part of the classes.Movements are carried out in a daisy chain manner with much muscle at the same time .He trained for the acceleration and change of pace .- Rest periods are shorter than conventional training and higher intensity exercises to changes leading faster.- A coach leads classes and training. Only no trains .Non-weight -loaded onto the column , and joint injuries are avoided.The question of what is the advantage of working with one's own weight , Dietz noted that " governed by physical laws , move your body freely generates a unique feeling of health and fitness and we prepare more for everyday movements including sports . ""It's amazing , the condition that is acquired through the training with your own body weight. Besides drastically reduced the level of the injury ," said the coach, who among the " strong" method its potential , "recover injuries to lose listed weight , increase your metabolism , create a unique cardiopulmonary health and earn stylish and functional muscle mass physical every person. "And when he stressed that " great aesthetic results achieved so far unthinkable ," he said , that " will undergo a change in the physical and energy from the first day . "The most notable changes are with what most people are looking for the percentage of body fat and muscle low is marked by the general strengthening and the results from the first day of training for beginners are visible and for those who are of conventional design .There are very significant changes in the position and strength of the abdominal and back , which is very important in order to avoid injuries to the spine and greater balance and stability in the body."In four to six weeks very visible changes are achieved in addition to feel fit," said Dietz , who noted that " it is best to change their function physical education every day so that you always evolving physically. "

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